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Everything Is Awesome

Over the years I had hoped to get an editorial assignment to photograph Tegan & Sara but my fortunes took a different turn when my intern, musician-turned-photographer Daniel Silbert introduced me to Sara Quin at a show in New York. The first thing I said to her was that “The Con" was my most played song on iTunes. She took my fanboy confession well and we had a nice chat about New York, relationships and their upcoming album.

Halfway through touring that album (the fantastic Heartthrob) their management team commissioned me to shoot new press and merchandising photos, and I couldn’t have been more on-board. It was such a good time spending the day with the girls that it was a blessing we had a full agenda of shots to do, otherwise nothing would have gotten done. 

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maybe… just maybe… I’m a little creep… so so so in love with this beautiful creature features… I can’t help it…

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September or December?
Spring or Summer?
Birthdays or Christmas?
Let’s see where the wind blows. #Aussie2014